Trips are fully part of the project. By varying the means of locomotion, and by avoiding as much as possible the stages by plane, we have the will to keep a certain freedom, and to take advantage of the way to meet, to discover and to impregnate us of the countries that we will cross. Of course, some parts of the journey are planned in advance (and not just to reassure our families), such as the train in Russia or the plane for the changes of continents. But we have also planned to travel by hitchhiking, especially in Europe. Thus, we will walk, exchange and progress with the local inhabitants, and we will adapt to what will be proposed to us in each region crossed. Traveling on our own, leaving the unexpected to the unexpected, inevitably means that we will encounter difficult moments. We are aware of this, but it will also be thanks to the obstacles to overcome that we will come back wiser from this trip.

The periods we spend with humanitarian organizations will be prepared in advance with the organizations concerned. The journey that will precede our arrival will enable us to adapt well to the country's novelties and, at the same time, to better understand the issues facing these humanitarian actions. Each time, during about 3 weeks, we will take part in the various activities and missions organized, while capturing the images that will best show what we discover on site.

Thank you very much for following us and make this project live!

Augustin and Alban

World trip : the light acts in shadow

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